Welcome to the new Troop 233 web site

Troop 233 has a new web site, and what you see here is just the start! This will serve as a nice public face for our troop, so people can find out more about us.

At the same time, we are making it easier for scouts, parents and nonmembers to see our calendar. The calendar will now reside in Google Calendar, which has many advantages. We will still use the Group Site to store documents (including the latest phone list) and make email announcements to the troop, for now.

Finally, another great thing about this site is that the scouts can get involved! The site is based on WordPress, so it’s possible to make changes using a standard web browser. Our troop Webmaster will be able to help manage the site, and in the future other scouts can make contributions as well. WordPress is the most common blogging platform in use today, so it’s a great tool to learn.

We welcome your ideas.