Scouts Enjoy the Cold Weather at Klondike Derby, Jan 28-29, 2017

Racing in the Klondike Derby!

Troop 233 made its annual trek to Little Bennett Regional Park for the 2017 Klondike Derby. This is a Potomac Council-wide event that involves about 40 troops and 80 patrols, including Boy Scouts, Venturers, Explorers and Girl Scouts. The Klondike Derby, despite the cold weather, is one of our most popular, involving 22 scouts and 9 adult leaders.

On Saturday, each patrol competes at approximately 20 different Derby Stations where they demonstrate their knowledge of nature and Scoutcraft, whether following a compass course, starting a fire and making a pancake, or lashing together poles to make a structure. Throughout the day, the patrols pushed their Derby Sleds from station to station. During lunch break, the troop hosted Sr. Webelos from area packs for lunch at our campsite.

The parents of Troop 233 also contributed to the fun, staffing one of the Derby stations where they asked scouts to create an emergency shelter using only a parachute and some poles. Troop 233 did very well this year, with one patrol placing 7th out of 76 patrols competing, and the other placing 27th.

The next day, after a brisk night and a hearty breakfast, the patrols competed in the Klondike Derby, a race involving the sleds the scouts had used the previous day.

Prepping the Sled for Competition!


Hosting hungry Webelos for lunch

Making the Perfect Pancake!

Demonstrating skills in first aid