2018-19 Dues Payment Page

Use convenient Paypal button below to pay $145 for registration

Click on the button below to make payment on your scout’s 2018-19 annual dues of $140 plus $5 Paypal fee.

Or use No-Fee Payment Options to pay $140 for registration

Paypal charges a fee to use the button above. If you do not wish to pay this fee, you may:

1) Pay with a $140 check payable to Troop 233. Deliver to Theresa Zmola, 5409 Newington Rd., Bethesda MD 20816, or give the check to a scout leader at the next troop meeting.

2) Pay $140 with PayPal “Friends & Family”. Please note that you must use the “Friends and Family” selection; otherwise the troop will be charged a fee and we will decline to accept the payment.  To pay using Paypal with no fees to the troop:

  • Login to PayPal
  • Click on ‘Pay or Send Money’.
  • Click on ‘Send Money to Friends and Family’.
  • Enter bethesdatroop233treasurer@gmail.com in the email address and click on Next.
  • Enter $140.00 for the amount and add “Registration for (Scout’s Name)” in the note section, then click on Continue.
  • Click on ‘Select Payment Method’ and choose your money source.  If you choose your bank account or PayPal balance, you will not incur a fee.  However, if you choose a credit card money source, you (not the troop) will be charged a fee (so you can still do this if you are fine paying a fee yourself).
  • Click on ‘Send Money Now’.