2018-19 Dues Payment Page

Use convenient Paypal button below to pay $145 for registration

Click on the button below to make payment on your scout’s 2018-19 annual dues of $140 plus $5 Paypal fee.

Or use No-Fee Payment Options to pay $140 for registration

Paypal charges a fee to use the button above. If you do not wish to pay this fee, you may:

1) Pay with a $140 check payable to Troop 233. Deliver to Theresa Zmola, 5409 Newington Rd., Bethesda MD 20816, or give the check to a scout leader at the next troop meeting.

2) Pay $140 with PayPal “Friends & Family”. Please note that you must use the “Friends and Family” selection; otherwise the troop will be charged a fee and we will decline to accept the payment.  To pay using Paypal with no fees to the troop:

  • Login to PayPal
  • Click on ‘Pay or Send Money’.
  • Click on ‘Send Money to Friends and Family’. (Make sure you select “Friends and Family” or you select that option later. There has been some trouble with some phone apps not showing that option so we recommend using a computer.)
  • Enter bethesdatroop233treasurer@gmail.com in the email address and click on Next.
  • Enter $140.00 for the amount and add “Registration for (Scout’s Name)” in the note section, then click on Continue.
  • Click on ‘Select Payment Method’ and choose your money source.  If you choose your bank account or PayPal balance, you will not incur a fee.  However, if you choose a credit card money source, you (not the troop) will be charged a fee (so you can still do this if you are fine paying a fee yourself).
  • Click on ‘Send Money Now’.