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Scouting is open to any boy who is at least 11 years old or has completed the 5th grade; or who is at least 10 years old and has completed the Arrow of Light (in Cub Scouts). Once a scout has reached the age of 18, he is considered an adult and can no longer participate as a scout.

To join or find out more about us, check the Calendar page and come to one of our Monday meetings. Alternatively, drop our Scoutmaster a line. We would be happy to talk with you!

Senior Webelos

Check out our page for Sr. Webelos and their Parents interested in learning whether Troop 233 is right for them.

Open Membership Policy

Troop 233 welcomes all boys, parents and leaders who wish to participate in our activities and support the values of scouting. In May 2013, our committee affirmed our commitment not to discriminate against families or individuals based on race, religion, national origin or sexual orientation.