Become an Eagle Scout

It’s a special privilege to become an Eagle Scout, and Troop 233 provides a clear path to do that. This page is for scouts who are working through the ranks and have the Eagle rank within sight.

Getting your Eagle is pretty complicated, and some of the requirements are unlike those of the other ranks. You can find the actual requirements in your scout handbook or on  But the question always comes up, where do I start?  We’ll outline some things you’ll need to do.

Any time you have questions, contact the troop’s Eagle Adviser. 

Also, the latest eagle application and other information is always posted here.

Ready to start?

The Eagle Scout Procedures Guide  has more detail on each step of this process (follow the link above to find it).  Best of all, it has a Trail to Eagle ChecklistPrint out this checklist and add it to your notebook (see below)! Below are some key steps to think about.

Eagle Notebook

This is something you can start any time, even if you’re a Tenderfoot! Start with a 3-ring notebook, and use Card Protector pages like this.  Keep all of the merit badge cards and rank cards in it – the ones you get at the Courts of Honor.

Here’s a cover page that you can print out and use.  Make sure your name is in your book.  Eventually this notebook will everything you need to apply for your Eagle rank!

The troop may have some extra notebooks or card protector pages. Ask the eagle adviser or advancement chair (or give us your extras, if you have them)!

Eagle Project

You will demonstrate leadership in your eagle project.  It’s actually a lot like managing a project at work, in real life.   Leave lots of time for your project.  We recommend that you start at least thinking about it as soon as possible.

More information about Eagle Projects

Recommendation Letters

You will need to ask some adults who know you, to write recommendation letters.  At least 3 of these must be from   Like the project, you can ask for these recommendations any time as long as you’re a Life Scout.

More information on Eagle Recommendation Letters

Ask questions!

The eagle adviser, the troop’s other adult leaders, and our troop’s eagle scouts, are all happy to assist or advise.  If you feel “stuck” on something, let’s discuss it!

More Information

For all the forms you’ll need, take a look at the NCAC Eagle Scout Information page:

Eagle Scout Information