Equipment list for camping


Troop 233 Personal Camping Gear

If the weather is forecast to be either (i) damp/wet and below 60 degrees or (ii) below 55, bring the Cold Weather Essentials. On all other camping trips, bring the Warm Weather Essentials.

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Always Required

1) Scout Handbook

2) Sufficient Water (at least two liters of water)

3) Sleeping Equipment:

a. Sleeping Bag

b. Thin Sleeping Pad

c. Pajamas

4) Waterproof Boots & two pairs of WOOL socks

5) Good Rain Gear (Rain Coat and Separate Rain Pants is a plus, Poncho is a minus)

6) Class A Uniform and Class B Tee Shirt

7) Tent with ground cloth and adequate stakes (1 tent per 2+ Scouts)

8) Flashlight & Batteries (check to make sure it works)

9) Mess Kit (bowl, spork, cup)

10) Small Personal First Aid

11) Toothbrush/Tooth Paste & Personal Medications


Cold Weather Essentials

1)   One pair of long nylon pants (NO DENIM)

2)   Two long sleeve shirts (not cotton)

3)   Long underwear tops and bottoms

4)   Warm ski cap

5)   Mittens/gloves

6)   Warm sweater or fleece top

7)   Insulated winter coat  (if really cold); nylon waterproof shell if not really cold

8)  Rain jacket & rain pants (not a poncho)

Warm Weather Essentials

1)   One pair of short pants,

2)   One pair of nylon long pants (perhaps bottoms unzip to convert into shorts)

3)   Warm Ski Cap to sleep in

4)   One short-sleeve shirt

5)   One thin long-sleeve shirt

6)   Warm sweater or fleece top

7)    Baseball/Sun Hat


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