Troop 233’s COVID-19 Plan

The COVID-19 Pandemic is a challenging time for our community and the world as a whole. It is perhaps particularly difficult for children who thrive on in-person contact for their social and psychological development. Troop 233 recognizes the role that Scouting can play in the development of young boys and strives to provide a steady, positive influence in the lives of our Scouts. We are committed to maintaining an active schedule of events for our Scouts and provide them with an outlet to interact with their peers in a safe environment.

The troop’s pandemic policies are set by the Parent Committee, in consultation with medical professionals. Feel free to reach out to Scoutmaster or Committee Chair if you have any questions.

January 2021 update – Currently COVID-19 is still a major concern in the region. The troop follows all Montgomery County and State of Maryland guidelines, as well as the guidelines of our chartered organization. Since Spring 2020, Troop 233 has been meeting virtually most Mondays at 7:30 pm. We also host virtual merit badge lessons via zoom, organized by a merit badge counselor and schedule virtual advancement days.

The troop also organizes at least one outdoor activity, such as a hike or training session, per month, in patrols of ~10 people each wearing masks, driving only with their parents, and maintaining social distance. During the winter when the infection is at its peak, we have suspended all camping activities and will reassess when conditions improve.