Calleva Survival Weekend, 2015

Nearly twenty-five (25) Scouts from Troop 233 showed that they had the right stuff to survive in the wilderness by building and sleeping in a lean-to like one that they might need in a survival situation. Participating were nine (9) New Scouts and fourteen (14) veterans and four (4) adults who slept overnight.

After an rainy start, the weather cleared up by midday Saturday turning into a beautiful fall weekend with temperatures in the fifties during the day and forties overnight.  Dinner was served by three patrols with menus including beef burritos and two kinds of pasta.  The Troop continued the tradition of sharing campfire skits at the nearby campfire of Troop 1472 from River Falls in Potomac, MD, before heading out for a game of tag in the field under the power lines.

On Sunday, after breakfasting and breaking camp, the Scouts dismantled their lean-tos in the spirit of “leave no trace”. Before departing for home, the Scouts split into two groups for service projects with one crew cleaning trash in the Markoff Haunted Forest and another crew cleaning trash in the parking field using police-line teamwork.   Thanks to Life Scout Andrew S. for leading the event.

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