Assateague Island Camping Trip


On 20-22 of April, 2018 the scouts of Troop 233 camped at Assateague Island National Park off the coast of Maryland. Assateague is famous for its contingent of wild horses and we hoped to see at least a few. We stayed the first, cold night on the beach, and then backpacked 4 miles down the beach to the next campsite, which was windy, barren and a bit desolate. It reminded us what the landscape of the moon must look like. The camp was a dry camp, meaning that the scouts had to carry or pack all the water they would need for the weekend. This led to some rather unusual options for dinner and breakfast.

Some of the wild horses of Assateague

Some of the older boys organized a leadership training for the other senior scouts. This training was comprised of 3 modules and lasted about 3 hours. There they learned many skills related to delegation, support, and how the Scout Oath and Law can be applied to leadership responsibilities. The younger scouts worked on advancement and, after dinner, we ended the night with a small bonfire.

Leadership Training for Senior Scouts


Sunrise on Assateague Island

Preparing a meal at the campsite