Gettysburg Campout

Scouts listen to short lecture by Civil War Reenactors

This September, the Troop went to Gettysburg National Military Park, and camped at Caledonia State Park. We drove up to Gettysburg on Saturday morning, and first saw a battlefield diorama providing an overview of the Battle of Gettysburg. After the overview we hiked around the battlefield.

Map of Hike

The hike started at the Visitor Center, and looped around hitting the important places in the battle. We went to Little Round Top, Devil’s Den, and more. The hike was about 7 miles, and ended with the boys recreating Pickett’s Charge.

Finally the troop went to Caledonia State Park, where we camped for the night. We enjoyed great meals. They enjoyed a nice quiet night during which a light rain fell.

On the Union side, looking out over Devil’s Den

At Devil’s Den

At Virginia Memorial on Confederate side. Getting ready for Pickett’s Charge

Enjoying a meal at the end of the day