How to Access Troop Email Lists and Files

Key Locations:

Troop 233 Google Group:!forum/troop-233-bethesda

Troop 233 Parents Committee Google Group:!forum/troop-233-bethesda-committee

Troop 233 Shared Drive:

Troop 233 Calendar:

How to Access Troop 233’s Google Drive

Navigate to Google Drive (graphic shown below)

Click on Shared With Me

Double click on Troop 233 Bethesda Shared Files

Double click on 2017-2018 for current files


How to Add the Troop Calendar to your Smartphone

The troop calendar which is available on our website
The calendar can be added to your iphone or android calendar.  This allows it to show up in a different color on you normal phone calendar.  Easily available at all times.
You will need the .ics file available below.
Android Phone:
For android, login to your google account from a computer,
go to the calendar,
click on the settings icon (gear on the upper right)
from the settings page, choose add calendar from url
paste in the url listed above for the .ics file